Just Remember – Kelly


The telemarketer calling you tonight was just diagnosed with breast cancer. 

The slow driver in front of you just got a call that her son died in Iraq.

The man at the checkout line in front of you making conversation with the checker just lost his spouse of 50 years and just needs a friend. 

The girl at the drive-thru window just found out she’s pregnant and has no idea what to do; she’s only 16. 

The dad making excessively cheerful conversation with you at the gas station just had his house foreclosed and he can’t find a job.  

The administrator on the phone attempting to be a sounding board and provide explanation, and failing miserably at it, is navigating a life she never imagined.  

There is no need to be purposefully rude or nasty to others.  

Be kind.

Be ESPECIALLY kind when you want to be rude, impatient or snide, or mean.


especially then…please, be kind.  


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